About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Who is Connie M. Schoenung?

I am a small town girl who chooses to maintain my small town family values and pursue a career in the legal profession.  I worked hard from the ground up to achieve my education, successful career, and my national certification in my paralegal profession through NALA (The National Association of Legal Assistants-Paralegals). I am also a Florida Real Estate Associate with Exit Real Estate Gallery.

Because I believe in the legal system.  I believe true justice prevails when both sides do their job. I believe that when the system works right Court opinions, statutes, and procedures remain based on the Ten Commandments and should stay that way!

Saving Clients Money
In order to get clients and keep clients, a large law firm, small law firm, or solo office must keep their costs to the clients reasonable and efficient.  Especially in today’s economy, a client who is in need of legal services is going to hire attorneys who offer the most appealing prices. When a paralegal costs too much, the attorney has to raise their prices and may lose out on clients. I offer lower costs for high quality work and save the attorney and the client money. New and upcoming clients and businesses can benefit from the same philosophy.

Contract Paralegal vs. In-house Paralegal:
I believe that every attorney who endured the LSAT, law school, and passing the Bar exam deserves every penny he/she gets an hour or case for their service.  Therefore, my job is to lower the cost to the client and the attorney, and lower the attorney’s workload and stress by offering my services of which I am qualified at a lower rate to the attorney who passes the savings onto the client.