What is a Freelance Paralegal

1. According to the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, "A freelance paralegal, also known as a contract paralegal, is no different than a traditional paralegal except to the extent that she is not employed by an attorney in a traditional setting such as a law firm, governmental entity, or corporation. Additionally, freelance paralegals can offer their services to the public by assisting with simple form documents and administrative law level needs.

2. A freelance paralegal is retained on an as-needed basis by attorneys for large litigation projects, or in times of additional staffing needs. Freelance paralegals are educated and qualified to perform paralegal work just the same as traditionally employed paralegals.

3. Experienced freelance paralegals offer overtaxed attorneys many benefits. Freelance paralegals can perform many high level matters, allowing the attorney to work on higher level matters and save money.

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