Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to have an attorney for a divorce?

You do not if it is uncontested.  You and your spouse will not need to have one if you have both already agreed to on the division of the assets, child custody, and support.

Do I need a Trust to save me money?

There could be possible tax benefits to creating a Trust.  However, the number one reason for a Trust is to avoid Probate or the payment of Probate fees.  The second reason would be to avoid creditors. 

What happens if something changes and I need a lawyer in the middle of my case?

This is not a problem.  We have several attorneys that will take your case.  We will continue to work on your case with you as the Paralegal working for the attorney until the case is complete.

I do not have the money until next Friday.

We are able to take a deposit and will complete your filing when your payment if complete.

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